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Melissa Wright is a passionate educator that is driven to help schools create a place where students belong and everyone feels like they matter.  By sharing ideas that work in her school, she helps educators and students see they can improve their culture and climate.   She is known for her passion and desire to see students succeed, and find their inner leader.

In 2014 Melissa was awarded the Make it Matter Award from Jostens Renaissance for the impact Renaissance has made on her school.  Renaissance is a nationally recognized program that focuses on improving the culture and climate in schools.  That same year she was also awarded the Tom Hanley Advisor of the year award from the New Brunswick Student Leadership Association.   She was also awarded the Leader of Distinction Award in September of 2018 from the Canadian Student leadership Association to recognize her contribution to Student leadership in New Brunswick.

Melissa also sits on the National Advisory Council for student leadership as the representative for New Brunswick.  This group works to improve and promote student leadership across Canada.

Melissa has been teaching for 14 years as a mathematics and dance teacher at Kennebecasis Valley High School.  Her career has shown her that when you believe in someone and/or something amazing things happen.

Through stories and ideas, Melissa brings a passion for inspiring others, helping to improve school culture and climate, and making schools a place where everyone matters.



Chris Mahon, Jostens Rep

Melissa has presence - her ability to engage a crowded room makes the audience become focused on singular topics.  She does this so well that as an extension there is open dialect and communication naturally flows through.  She brings a room confidence and makes it naturally comfortable.  

Jessica Roy, Teacher & Student Council Advisor, Woodstock High School

Melissa’s session on recognition and rewards was very interesting because she brought examples of what is used at her school and she also shared some pictures of events they run. It was so much easier to imagine what it could look like in my school. I enjoyed listening to all her success stories with her students. Melissa is very passionate and it showed in her presentation. I would definitively attend another session presented by her.

Jordan Lorette, Jostens Rep

Melissa's session was awesome! She brings the same energy and passion when presenting her amazing work with renaissance as she does implementing the philosophy at KVHS! She has been able to make an incredible impact with the students and faculty while working effortlessly to introduce other schools around the province to what she truly believes is important - a healthy climate and culture for anyone who enters a school in New Brunswick.

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